Fee Items

Category A ( Regular) PKR

Category B (Self Finance) PKR

Category C (Overseas) USD$

Admission Fee (Non-refundable)

Rs. 30,000/-

Rs. 40,000/-

$ 500/-

Security Deposit (Refundable)

Rs. 25,000/-

Rs. 25,000/-

$ 300/-

Tuition Fee/Semester (Non-refundable)

Rs. 130,000/-

Rs. 150,000/-

$ 1,400/-

Library (Per Year)

Rs. 2,500/-

Rs. 2,500/-

$ 50/-

Gross Total (At the time of admission)

Rs 187,500

Rs. 217,500/-


Annual Fees

Rs 317,500/-

Rs. 367,500/-


Note: As per Government directive 5% advance Tax will be charged over total fees (The tax will be applicable on the amount of Two lacs and above fees). Any additional tax imposed by Government will be liability of the students/parents/guardians.5.5% package of admission fee will be charged from each student except security deposit which is refundable.